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If I'm filing a Virginia nonresident return and the spouse has no income but is showing up as the taxpayer... how do we correct this ?

Where on the VA763 is the spouse's information showing up as the taxpayer's?  Other than Schedule INC/CG, which shows the SIT w/h by SSN, is there anywhere else on the return that segregates a line item between taxpayer and spouse?  If the SIT w/h is showing the spouse's, that probably means state wages is wrong too because the box for Spouse W-2 on Screen 10 was likely checked inadvertently.

One other scenario I can come up with is that you had entered 1 for 1=file 763 or 763-S for spouse only on Screen 55.171.  This will cause the spouse's name to be placed in the box for taxpayer on VA763... but without switching the SSNs.

... and the status is incorrect

What status is incorrect?  If you are referring to the filing status on VA763, Lacerte follows what you have chosen for federal.  Please elaborate what you believe is incorrect and provide some context so that someone may, hopefully, help you with your question.


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