Pacific CPA
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We tried to switch last year as price was a real issue. There are some real headaches in BOTH platforms that you will have to adopt to either system one way or another.  The real issue in the end for us was the data migration - or really the lack of it.  What Ultratax said would transfer over vs what really came over were miles apart.  Error logs did not always spell out missed items.  When we asked for assistance from our integration "expert" kept referring us back to the logs and guide published by Thomson as to what should migrate and what did not.  He could never answer any questions when something that should have worked failed.  He also specified things we would not be able to do but they actually would.  We were told that they had grown so rapidly that they had many new people that were not up to speed with their otherwise incredible service.  Unfortunately their data migration comes out VERY late in the year so by the time you know what is really going on it might be late to switch back.  I would say be prepared to be redoing many things especially if you have complex returns.  Thompson's software suite as whole is feeling quite dated as is Lacerte and depending how long you are going to be in the business you may want to look elsewhere including Proconnect.