Level 1

Yes, I'm sure. I got a update yesterday that said

CRITICAL: Alaska changes to current year NOL carryforward treatment

CARES Act Changes affecting NOL: The state of Alaska has issued an updated Form 6000 with instructions for waiving the carryback of NOLs arising in TY18 and TY19 (Available in Lacerte version 40.0916). All Alaska corporate returns (Form 6000) with TY18 and TY19 NOL carryforward will be treated as NOL carried back by the state unless election to waive NOL carryback is filed by September 30, 2020. 

It went on to say that to make the election I would need to PDF an election statement and e-file it with an AK Amended Form 6000 and check the "forgo the NOL carryback" checkbox on page 1.