How do you enter  "COVID-19" on a late e filed tax return in an effort to avert late filing penalties?

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I'm thinking typing that is going to do diddly for you.  I don't think the IRS is gong to read that or even care if they do read it.  File the return and deal with the notices, if any come, at that time.

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For S corp module, Go to Screen 3.1 Miscellaneous Information and enter in "Explanation on top of Form 1120S" for it to show up on page 1 header.

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Thank you for the information.

I just read an article in Accounting Today that says the AICPA has been working with the IRS on the penalty for late filing in a COVID world, and it was suggested to include "COVID-19" on top of the return.

As another respondent said, it may not make any difference, but it has worked in hurricane returns, which have been prevalent in FL for many years.

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But the IRS already gave 3 months as an extension for COVID-related reasons.  Did COVID related problems really make it impossible for the client to file (or file an extension) for over 3 months?