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In 2019 software package, all modules, the pop-out window for diagnostics will open on my screen, however, it does not show any diagnostics. It has the left hand view and Diagnostic Filter bar, the top tool bar for printing and refreshing, and two two light colored lines at the top right with, what appears to be, cut off print for headers but the rest of the window is grey where it would normally show my list of diagnostics. See below screenshot.

Has anyone had this issue? I thought there was a way to adjust toolbar settings to include/exclude the pop-out window options, in which case I would remove, restart and add back the button to fix it, but I can't seem to find the instructions on how to do so. Is this actually not an option in 2019?

I can see the diagnostics in the diagnostics tab from the main window, so I know that there should be diagnostics in the pop-out window.

Screenshot 2020-09-14 183520.png

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