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I will attempt to be more clear in my question. Yes, we can enter the payments in to screen 6, for completing the 2019 tax return.  However, we are sending checks this year (2020) and auto withdraw payments for the 2020 tax return.  Several years ago we entered the checks into the program, but when we proforma the amounts did not go to the new tax year and we had to re-enter them again.  The 2020 estimated payments are entered in Screen 7.1 I believe, and it does have a screen where you can enter the description and amount.  Does this transfer information entered here go to the new 2020 Lacerte Individual in November when we receive the proforma instructions?  I do not see where you enter a date.  There is a box to check for Proforma descriptions, and I am not sure what it means by the Proforma descriptions.  

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