When opening the Lacerte program error message "Insufficient user rights to data path [Drive:][Path] is displayed and the Lacerte Program will not open. How can the data path be changed so the program will open.


This occurs when the user does not have sufficient rights to a folder where data is being stored. Normally this would occur in a Network environment where a limited number of workstations need access to sensitive information and other workstations do not. This problem may occur in Terminal Services environment, or if Master Options are changed to point to the protected directory path, or if multiple workstations have the same workstations ID's and one workstations has access and the others do not have access to the directory path.
To resolve this issue and point the workstation or workstations receiving the error to the correct drive path.
  1. Temporary disconnect the Drive listed in the error message.
  2. Open the Lacerte program
  3. When prompted to create the directory path click Cancel.
  4. The program will then give you the option of picking a different path.
  5. Enter C:LacerteXXTaxTax Type.
    • Where XXTax equals the tax year 14Tax, 15Tax, 16Tax...
    • Where Tax Type equals the data folder for tax type. IDATA, PDATA, CDATA...
  6. If the folder does not exist on the C: Drive then program will ask to create the folder.
  7. The program should now open.
  8. Reconnect the Network Drive at this time.
  9. In the Lacerte Program Settings / Options change the Data Path back to the correct path.

Another cause for this error message Windows Sync Center with Lacerte and Proseries.