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1) They also force you into offering credit cards even if you just want to offer bank transfers as a payment option.  I was on support with QB Payments and Lacerte Technical Support and QB payments said Lacerte would have to offer the option to turn off credit cards on their end.  QB Desktop and QB Online both integrate with QB Payments as well, but they give you the option to turn off credit cards.  Many CPAs work with clients that are affluent enough to not need to put their bill on a credit card - it is just unnecessary cost for many practitioners.  This is probably a lack of understanding of their customers, lack of clear thinking, or aggressive sales tactics - if they are getting a cut.

2) I can't find a way to manually update the payment status.  I have a client that paid me with a check, and it seems it will forever say "payment pending."  Did they ever consider that someone might not pay online?  It makes it difficult for useful tracking as a result.

3) You can't resend the payment email to a client if they lose it or didn't get it.  I called support about this also.  The only way to do this is to void the entire DocuSign and start over!!  Apparently, someone on the design team thought that was a good idea.

I feel the influence of Intuit's approach to customer service is starting to strangle Lacerte.  Intuit is so large, their own employees don't know half the products they offer - just look how many versions of payroll they have as they have acquired companies over the years.

Sorry about the frustration.  I have submitted feedback to Lacerte, but it is hard to tell if it ever makes a difference.

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