Level 2

This topic doesn't make much sense to me either.  Prior to the recent update which put the Schedule 1 back into draft form, the problem was the Form 8615.  Yet, if the return was filed timely, it could have been e-filed?  What this is telling me is that certain returns might need to be amended with the change currently in the works?

I have had this same discussion with Lacerte a number of times, as I have been trying to file some old returns for months and regularly ask when this update is coming so I can do so.  No certain answer.  Yet the IRS is now sending out notices about returns that are delinquent.  So I can't print returns (without a watermark) so I can paper file them, nor can I e-file.  I asked this same question to another CPA who uses another program and she said she does not have the same issue with her program.  How can this be?