Level 2

I'm not happy with the e-signatures period.

It turns out we only get 5 free ones in total, not 5 free ones every year.

Once you start the free trial, those 5 sigs expire by 12/31 of that year.

And that if you pay for one after you've started your free trial then you've cancelled out your remaining unused free ones.

Why pay for one if you have unused free ones?
Because if you've sent out all 5 free ones, but a client doesn't use it, you can void it & it goes back into your free pile.  But in the meantime you've had to pay $2.99 for the 6th e-sig, now you've lost the right to your 5th unused free one.

None of this is told to us at the start.

This is a chintzy benefit from software that costs thousands of dollars annually.

And if they want us to help stop COVID-19 they should give us unlimted free e-sigs until the pandemic is over.