Level 4

I've tried to follow these directions, but I can't get it to work.

I created a PDF of the forms that need to be signed.

When you say "Go into esignature...." How does one "go into esignature" for a business return? It is not an option. When I go to esignature from the dashboard, my only options are "Learn More," "Purchase," or "eSignature Dashboard." "Request" is greyed out, so you can't select it.

If you go into esignature from the return itself, you can select "Request," but then it closes itself, selects my entire dashboard, and says, "ERROR: PLEASE SELECT ONE CLIENT" with the only option being "OK." So I select "OK" and figure I can select the client, but then it says "UNABLE TO LOCATE CLIENT FILE" without giving me an option to select anyone.

So, how do you "go into esignature"?


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