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Hello everyone,

Question: I have a Partnership that has made Capital Distributions to the partners. These are arbitrary amounts, not based on the Capital Ownership %, so I have to do Special Allocations, Screen 29

I noticed that these entries, do not reflect on the State K-1. Neither does the Special Allocation of the Capital Beginning Balance. Looks like I have to do the same work again, now on Screen 39

It doesn't look right to me to do the same work twice.

Is there a way to avoid this?

Thank you!

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Nope. You have to do the same work twice.

"Forgot to do the state allocation" is one of the most common errors in my multistate partnership returns.

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Alternate solution is have your client take the k-1 back to the general partner and insist that the return be corrected to show the proper amounts.

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OP is the preparer of the partnership return.