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I have a single member LLC who purchased a dental practice. I'm completing the Form 8594, and the 'name' on the form shows as the husband and wife (from the 1040). I do not see where I can get the name of my LLC on this Form. (The wife did not purchase the practice).

Any suggestions??

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You do not need to change the "Name as shown on return" line as it is a joint tax return.  It won't matter that both names are on the top of the page.  This statement is used so the IRS can bridge the buyer information (and social security number) to the sellers.  

Hope this helps.

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Ok. I don't like it, lol.....but I will go with it.

(I am supplying my Form to the Seller (to use my language in the Employment Contract and Non Compete section....so I think I will just change it (or just blank it out) on the one I provide to him. I'm afraid MY dentist is not going to like it! ha)


Thanks for your reply.

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