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My Account offers a feature of Role Management.  This feature provides the ability to add, edit or view information in My Account based on Permissions.

Administrators (Admins) on the account can add or edit information in Account Details for Contacts, Addresses and Account Overview. They can also provide Account Admin permissions to other contacts on the account.

Primary Roles:

  • Account Admin - has access to view and edit all My Account administrative functions.  The Admin will be responsible for managing all contacts on the account.
  • Account Employee - has access to view only information under My Account and access to Change Payment Method associated with their online login profile.
  • Training and Support - access to Training and Support only.  No access to administrative functions. (This is the minimum default setting for all new users.)
  • Lacerte Admin - access to all Lacerte administrative functions.
  • Lacerte Report - access to Lacerte Statements and Reports only.


  • ProSeries Admin - access to all ProSeries administrative functions