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This usually occurs when the tax return was unmarked for e-file or if your EF Center view is filtered.  In these cases the e-file record won't show in the EF Center (or EF Clients tab) view.

Make sure that the tax return is marked for e-file:

  1. Open the tax return you want to display in the EF Center view.
  2. On the Federal Information Worksheet scroll down to Part VI - Electronic Filing of Tax Return Information.
  3. Check the box to File the federal return electronically.
    • If applicable, check the box to File state or city returns electronically. 
    • Open each state so the return is updated with the latest change.
  4. Save the return and go to the EF Center, Pending Tab view or E-File Clients tab in ProSeries Basic.
  5. To transmit the return, select the name of the client.
  6. From the E-FIle menu, select Electronic Filing, then Convert/Transmit Returns/Extensions/Payments...

Check the EF Center filtering:

ProSeries has filtering options to make it easier to find clients. If a filter is unknowingly set it may be temporarily hiding the return.

  • In ProSeries Professional: On the EF Center make sure you are on the All tab and check for the return again.
  • In ProSeries Professional: Uncheck the Filtered by box and check for the return again.
  • In ProSeries Basic: Uncheck the Filtered by box and check for the return again.

There are occasions when a tax return wasn't e-filed.  If the steps above don't correct the situation, sign in to your My Account to make sure the return was successfully e-filed.