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Activating your Right Networks account, adding users, and assigning packages

Setting up access from your computer

Click on the Download Setup Wizard link on the left of your Right Networks My Account portal, then click on the Windows or Mac button in the pop-up to download the appropriate wizard for your computer.

In rare cases, you may not be able to run the setup wizard. Usually, this is due to local system configuration. If this happens you'll need to manually set up access.

Installing apps

The package assigned to a user (and add-ons if any) control what's available to install for them.

Onboarding automation

Brand new for Lacerte 2021 comes the built-in Hosting Upload and Import utility. This functionality lets anyone with an active Right Networks account to safely and efficiently move their Lacerte, DMS, and Tax Planner data from their local computer to the Right Networks Cloud Hosting desktop.

Importing your data in Right Networks

Adding users and assigning packages after the Welcome Wizard

Uploading other data into the hosted environment

By default, the keyboards will work in the hosted environment when it's maximized. Small files and folders can be copied locally. Then, you can browse to the desired location on your H:\ or I:\ drive and use the Ctrl+V shortcut to paste. Alternatively, you can open File Explorer, click the Home menu, and click Paste button. Larger sets of data will often require zipping.