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This article applies to ProSeries Professional and ProSeries Basic 1040

Generally information from Form 1099-DIV is entered on Schedule B, Part II.

  1. Press F6 to open the Forms menu
  2. Type "B" to quickly highlight the Schedule B.  Press enter
  3. Scroll to Part II of the Dividend Income Smart Worksheet
  4. Box 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, and 3 are entered on the Dividend Income Smart Worksheet.
  5. Additional information pertaining the the dividend, will be entered on the Dividend Income Worksheet for the payer.  To access the Dividend Income Worksheet, double-click the Payer Name field within the Dividend Income Smart Worksheet.

Important!  Form 1099-DIV box 5, "Section 199A dividends", will be reported on the Dividend Income Worksheet (step 5 above) in the Additional 1099-DIV Information section, line 3.  Entries on line 3 will flow to the QBI Deduction Simplified Worksheet line 5.