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Problem Description

In the current year Lacerte program, going to the Print menu and selecting Tax Returns, the Document Management System option is disabled or grayed-out.

Solution Description

Verify that you have the latest version of DMS installed (ver 18.1.0 or higher for TY2018).

If in Lacerte, download the latest prep file by following this article.
if in ProSeries, relicense your program by following this article.

  1. Open DMS.
  2. Go to Help -> About DMS.
  3. Check the version number under the Copyright line.

  1. If the version is anything less than 18.1.0, you will need to download the new version from your online account.

If DMS is in "demo mode" after it's installed, you will need to download your DMS license file. Click here for instructions on how to download your DMS license file.

If you have DMS 18.1.0 installed and it is still disabled in the 2018 Lacerte program, run dmssetup.exe again from within the database folder and repair the program.