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How do I install Lacerte Document Management System (DMS)?


Lacerte DMS is available via download:

  • If you are planning on printing to DMS from the current year Intuit ProConnect Lacerte Tax program, you will need to have the current DMS version installed.
  • You can download the current DMS from My Lacerte or install older ones from the 2013 and earlier Lacerte Tax CD-Roms (which will not work with Lacerte years after the year on the CD). The in-product update for DMS will not update to the new years' versions. You must download DMS in order to be current.
  • Only one version of DMS may be installed on a computer at any given time.
If you are upgrading your DMS from a previous year's version, then please make sure you are licensed for the current version. Once you install the current version and access your database with it, the database will move forward to the newer version and you will not be able to use it with a previous version. If you are not licensed, you will not be able to access your data. See This License File Does Not Include a Current License for DMS. Error Licensing Lacerte DMS for more information.

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