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Entering Form 1095-A in Lacerte

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Entering Form 1095-A in Lacerte

Form 1095-A is used to report certain information to the IRS about family members who enroll in a qualified health plan through the Marketplace. Form 1095-A also is furnished to individuals to allow them to claim the premium tax credit, to reconcile the credit on their returns with advance payments of the premium tax credit (advance credit payments), and to file an accurate tax return.

Starting in tax year 2019, if you didn't purchase health insurance through the exchange, you don't need to enter your health coverage for federal returns.

Follow these steps to enter Form 1095-A:

  1. Go to Screen 39, Premium Tax Credit (1095-A, 8962).
  2. Click on Health Insurance Marketplace Statement (Form 1095-A) from the left navigation panel.
  3. Complete the Recipient Information (Part I) section:
    1. Check the box, Spouse is recipient, if applicable.
    2. Enter the (2) Market-place assigned policy number.
      • Note: Enter the last 15 characters of the policy number. The policy number may contain letters, numbers, and certain special characters.
  4. Scroll down to Covered Individuals (Part II) section.
  5. Select the First Name of the individual from the drop down menu. Lacerte will populate the last name and SSN.
  6. Enter the coverage Start Date.
  7. Enter the Termination Date (if applicable).
  8. Scroll down to the Coverage Information (Part III) section.
  9. Complete the Monthly Premium, Monthly Premium of Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan (SLCSP), and/or Monthly Advance Payment of Premium Tax Credit columns based on the information from Form 1095-A:
    • Monthly Premium
    • Monthly Premium of Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan (SLCSP) - This column is the monthly premium amount for the second lowest cost silver plan (SLCSP) that the Marketplace determined applied to members of the family enrolled in coverage. The premium for the applicable SLCSP is used to compute the monthly advance credit payments and the premium tax credit.
    • Monthly Advance Payment of Premium Tax Credit, if applicable
  10. Click on Add from the left navigation panel to add an additional Form 1095-A (if the Taxpayer received multiple 1095-As).
The Form 1095-A instructions indicate who is sent the form on behalf of themselves or a household. Form 1095-A is used for Marketplace coverage obtained through Federal or State exchanges.
No, clients with non-Marketplace coverage will receive a 1095-B or C but that is for informational purposes only and is not required to be received prior to filing the return.  1095-A recipients on the other hand, need to wait to receive their statement before filing. See IRS guidance for more information.
No, if you have annual totals you can enter that in the Coverage Information (Part III) section for line 33.

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