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Paper Filing a Timely Filed Rejected Electronic Return After the Tax Filing Deadline

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Paper Filing a Timely Filed Rejected Electronic Return After the Tax Filing Deadline

What is needed to paper file a timely filed rejected electronic return after the tax filing deadline?


For a rejected e-file return to be considered timely filed by the IRS on paper post deadline, a copy of the reject notice and electronic postmark needs to be included with the paper return.
To print the rejection notice and the electronic postmark:
  1. Click on the Clients tab
  2. Highlight the client's return
  3. Press the F4 key on the keyboard
  4. Select the e-File Status tab
  5. Click on the rejected status from the e-File Activity column

  6. Click the Print button in the lower left corner of the window
Include Form 8948 with the paper return:
  1. Go to Screen 4.4 E-File Miscellaneous
  2. Scroll down to the Form 8948 Preparer Explanation for Not Filing Electronically section
  3. Complete the information under the Return was Rejected by IRS subsection
    1. Enter the "Rejected code" code 189
    2. Enter the "Number of attempts to resolve reject"code 190
  4. Print the complete return with Form 8948 and attach it to the printed Reject Notice.
The paper return must be postmarked no later than midnight on tenth day in order to maintain it's original e-file transmission date and time.
If the paper return is postmarked after midnight a new date and time postmark will be applied to the return and it will no longer be considered "timely filed".

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