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E-file Wizard Does Not Show Refund/Amount Due and Send E-file is Grayed out


E-file Wizard Does Not Show Refund/Amount Due and Send E-file is Grayed out

When going through the Lacerte E-file Wizard, the summary shows a $0 amount instead of a refund or an amount due and the Send E-file Returns Now button is grayed out.

This issue may occur if you used data conversion and are trying to e-file clients in the same year they were converted from (for example, e-filing a return in 2018 Lacerte that was converted from 2018 ATX).  This is due to missing information in converted clients, since they are designed only for use in the next year's tax software. It is usually possible to e-file them in the current year by following these steps to fill in a "gap" in the database:

  1. Go to Screen 1, Client Information.
  2. Scroll down to the Taxpayer Information section.
  3. Edit the First Name by adding a character such as X to the end, then click off of the name field.
  4. Click back on to the First Name and remove the X.
  5. Now that the client full name is complete in the database, you should also notice the title of the Lacerte window shows the client name, where it was previously missing.
    • If you only see the client number in the window title, attempt steps 3 and 4 again (You can also try to delete both the first and last name and re-enter).
  6. Attempt to e-file the return.

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