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WI 1099 electronic file creation/format

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This has been going on for a while now but was not addressed in the latest update. When you create the transmission file for 1099-MISC with a WI withholding number on it, the .DAT file is not being generated accurately/completely. 

After a few hours on the phone with the state, we've figured out it's the IRS system, not a format issue. The W/H number that is input on box 15 in the prepare forms screen does not appear in the .DAT file when the transmission file is created. Also, the state identification number (code 55 for us) section is blank on the transmission files. 1099s cannot be electronically submitted in their current form. 

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Good Afternoon NoMoreTax, 

I highly suggest that you call in and speak with support about this. Keep in mind that Info Return System does not create state specific 1099s, for any state. However, it sounds like the Federal copy may also have an issue, but uncertain to confirm with the information provided and our internal testing. A support agent would be best to help in this situation. 

Thank you for your post in the Accountants Community! 

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I appreciate you taking time to reply. I will try to call again this afternoon or Monday. I've called a couple times this week but have been unable to wait the hour or more on the line to reach someone. I'm hoping this have calmed a little since the update went live today.


Anyways, have a good weekend. thanks.

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I file my 1099Misc through the Fire.IRS.GOV system and Using the Participate in Combined Federal/State Filer Program.  If their is no State of Wisconsin Withholding Box 16 need only enter the State ID Number. The 1099Misc is for Rents only for this to work.

1099NIC is a different thing altogether now and the Federal is ok through the Fire.IRS.GOV. The state needs to be Mailed in or File Manually through the "MY TAX Account" web site. Again I will only be putting in the State ID Number in Box 6 (with no Dashes) on the Paper copies.

I talked to the State and they said the WI doesn't need to be entered if their is no State of WI Withholdings.

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