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Recent update problems

Level 4

Just want to check in and see if folks are still having issues with the most recent update?  The last update we did was 2019.3.7 from July 30, 2020.  I've seen so many users chime in with payroll errors and no update on Form 941.  It has kept me from doing our updates.  Has anyone had any luck with the updates after 2019.3.7 and if so, was the updated Form 941 included - and I'm talking about Form 941 updated form 941Rev July 2020.

Thanks so much!!!

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Level 2

I installed the update Version 2019.3.9 just this morning.  The update says the 941 is newest version but when I went to process the 941, it is still the Q2 version and it takes FOREVER to open up the form onscreen to print.  Of course they are closed today.....anyone else have this problem?  I tried to "re-update" but it says I have the most current version of EasyAcct.

Level 4

Thanks for sharing.  Sounds like many people are experiencing issues still.  😞  Looks like we'll be doing 3rd quarter 941 the old school method this month! LOL!

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