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941 Fraction of Cents

Cindy Divido
Level 2

This has happened to a few clients in the past but now with the new 941 update, my fraction of cents on the 941 is populating a huge dollar amount that has no association with any totals. I too on other clients am receiving the run time error code 6 that I've seen others are experiencing. This is very frustrating! Is anyone else having the same line 7 issues?

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Level 5

Yes... Run Time error '6' 


With Numbers in the Billions for Liabilities.....


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Cindy Divido
Level 2

JRC, have you checked your second quarter 941 for the same error as we experienced in the first?  I just did and even with the countless hours of "fix", my in house payrolls are populating the same 231488553 in the fraction of cents line.

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Level 1

Yes - not on all clients but the first one I opened today is giving me the runtime 6 error and closes down the program. Seemed to be working fine yesterday other than the large numbers but I would just override them in the print screen.

Hopefully they will get this fixed soon!

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Level 2

Yes,  us too!  

Why aren't these updates fully tested before they roll them out?

How in the world are we supposed to be productive, (in the middle of tax season as well) When we have a product that puts us days behind schedule?


Cindy Divido
Level 2

We also found twice that the same huge populated number in line 7 was exactly the same number in non related clients.   I am finding that after the "fix" that took one of my accountants all day to go through all of our clients that in a few the "fix" changed the withholding amounts, so double check this.  We also had a few clients that the 941 produced NO numbers except in the line 7 and omitted a month or two out of the 941 liability area.  Sadly, after the "fix" we've had one return to the same status.  I'm not finding this in the accounts that we do not produce in house payroll as of yet.  I sure hope programming corrects this before it causes additional issues!