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1096 in Information Systems

The 1096 for 1099-NEC is counting blank 1099 forms, even though "Suppress if less than minimum amount" is selected.  It's also printing blank 1099s.  Is anyone else having this problem?

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Level 15

Someone posted the issue a couple of days back.  Unfortunately, a solution wasn't posted.

ACME Tax - where the 3rd 1040X is always free

Yes, I see that now.  Looks like it's just a software glitch.  I hope they fix it soon!

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I don't know, but did YOU sign up for software glitches?

Don't they test the program before it's released?

How do you screw up processes that worked the year before?


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Good Afternoon Jenny, 

This is a known issue to be resolve with the next update, we are expecting that update by the end of the week. 

Thank you for your post in the Accountants Community! 

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Thank you!

Level 4

How did they manage to screw up things that worked the year before?

Do they start from scratch each year? No wonder the price keeps going up.

All part of the plan to dump this program and push Quickbooks, which sucks.

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