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Stimulus check

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Did any body receive stimulus check after claiming recovery rebate credit?

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Level 15

Expect a refund delay while IRS fixes the math error.

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Do we know approximately how long this matching is going to take?  I told my client they had the 21 days to process, will it be longer?  also, is the processing of the recovery rebate credit form with the tax return causing delays?

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"will it be longer?"

The IRS explained their process means not to consider it late until at least 21 days from e-filing, and that yes, certain features of a specific tax return can cause that return to take longer, and No, don't keep filing duplicates, and don't even call the IRS unless the "where's my refund" tool indicates the taxpayer needs to Call the IRS.

All of this can be learned from www.irs.gov:


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