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Missing all 3 Stimulus Checks? Nothing I do works

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My long story begin an April 30th, 20 I made a stupid mistake and asked that my check be deposited into my sons bank account because I don't have one. BIG MISTAKE I read everywhere that the money would be rejected by the bank and then I would get a check in the mail. So I patiently waited 8 weeks, finally I called the IRS they did a check trace. Said Call back in 90 days. Waited until 91 days, called IRS  Rep said could see that the institution returned the money but that it wasn't posted to my account wait. Waited 2 weeks called back now I was told they needed to do an inquiry something like that can't remember the name of it. Anyways call back in 30 days, called back the previous rep never submitted the form. New rep Submits Inquiry call back in 30 days which happens to be like December 28-30 Then was told well we don't see that anything is going to happen on your account so now you can claim the check on your 2020 taxes!! BTW I asked all of these IRS people if they can remove my sons bank information which they all swore was updated. 2nd stimulus checks come out! guess what it went to my sons bank account and was lost in space. Was told to claim it on 2020 taxes. I am a non-filer so I did as told and submitted taxes on Feb 12 2021 claiming my missing stimulus money. Everyone I know that submitted their taxes on the same day has gotten their return. okay now round 3 because I entered my new direct deposit information on my 2020 taxes I was told my 3rd stimulus check would go to that account. Tracked my payment and guess what? money to be deposited on March 17th into MY SONS ACCOUNT!! I am in tears as I write this because I have followed each and every step and here I sit closing in on one year later with no help! How can I stop the 3rd payment from getting lost please please someone I can't do this process all over again. I even spoke with a Intuit tax rep to insure that I filed my taxes correctly and I have. Just like everyone else I could really use this money. Any advice would be so appreciated. Thank you  (BTW I had asked to speak with a supervisor over and over and I was told that IRS doesn't transfer calls and they will provide the Supervisor with details and if they think its worth call back they will) 

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Hi there,

You’ve come to an Intuit site supporting tax professionals, and you may be looking for support as an individual taxpayer. Please visit the TurboTax Help site for support.


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And this is why we pay professionals........


I wish you luck though. 

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Have your son try talking to the bank to see if they will accept the deposit for you.  Some banks will accept anything and others are sticklers and will bounce deposits with a different name - but it doesn't hurt to ask.  Good luck!

Barber! Why didn't I think of this before? Getting paid to give out bad tax advice - need I say more? I've run with scissors for years so it is a natural fit.
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