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If You updated your social security, you have already received the second stimulus check ?

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If in the past you were not eligible for the first stimulus check for your social security " No valid for work", but you updated it. Plz, post here if you have already received the second stimulus check.

So far, hundreds of thousands have received the stimulus check, I have updated my information in social security, but I have not received anything yet. the IRS tool keeps giving the same answer - Information not available or you do not qualify for a payment.

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Hi there,

For consumer questions, please visit the TurboTax Help site for support since this Community is open only to tax professionals


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PLEASE, please lock this thread before the forum is flooded with DIYers looking for their money. Or, better yet, delete it so it doesn't show up on searches.

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Better yet, get rid of this "covid" category in the forum.  We could do without the "Tax Talk" category too.  Those are the main categories the Do-It-Yourselfers post in.

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Back in October, you participated here and learned this is not a public forum for documenting or holding a census for who has or has not gotten payments, and the resources for how to make sure you get your payment are not on this Professional tax preparer software support forum, but here at this IRA link:


You need to follow those steps, follow those FAQ, and follow up with the parties responsible.

You need to stop posting just any-old-where on the internet on forums that have nothing to do with your issue. You are not going to get Help here, because this is a tax preparer forum and not a general public action forum.

Make sure to use the resources that matter. Don't run around like a chicken with the head cut off, looking for support. Look for Answers and Actions, by using the right resources.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.