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Economic Impact Payment

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[Client filed 2018 return and was over the $190,000 limit for an EIP. Then filed 2019 return electronically  on May 19, 2020 and was below the $150,000 limit for full EIP (married filing jointly). 2019 refund received by EFT a few days later. Will the IRS now look at the 2019 return and issue the EIP? How can we get them to do that (assuming client was denied based on the 2018 return)? IRS website and phone calls go nowhere to answer this question. Help much appreciated.

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No IRS will not look at 2018 now.  

The EIP is an advance credit for 2020, so if they meet the income limits for 2020 they can pick up the EIP on the 2020 return.

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My apologies ---- I had the years reversed - see edited post. 2018 filed 1st (above limit) then 2019 (below limit)

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Oh, if they qualify for 2019 they should eventually get it.   Im not sure how long it takes for the EIP to process once the 2019 return has been filed.

You said EFT so they had to pay?   They may want to try the IRS Get My Payment website and see if they can input their 2019 info and give them direct deposit information.

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The web has resources such as planned schedules, cut off dates, etc:


Your client can use the Get my Payment site to see if there is even one coming, or they can settle up on the 2020 taxes as Lisa noted. They filed late for the stimulus process, even though the tax return is timely for its own deadline.

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You have three questions here:

1)  What should IRS do?

2)  What has IRS said it would do?

3)  What will IRS actually do?

The answers, my friend, are blowin' in the wind.