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Coronavirus relief checks

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I have a client who doesn't now need to file a tax return so won't automatically get her $1200 check.  The IRS has put up a website so non filers can enter payment information.  However client does not have a computer or internet.  I'm sure there are many others in the same situation.  Does anyone know if we as preparers can fill in this information for our clients?  

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Level 15
good question....could they give you written permission to complete their information on the IRS portal? I don't know!

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I think their "identity verification" routine may be one of those that asks questions only that person could answer.  "Which of these 3 companies financed your car in 2012?" "Did you once live in Altoona?" "Which of these names sound familiar?"  

So I think you would need the client sitting at your desk with you.  Maybe it could be done on the phone, but watch out for the dyslexics trying to read you account numbers.