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ProConnect Tax Online conversion information

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ProConnect Tax Online conversion information

How do I convert my data from another software into ProConnect Tax?

This article will help you convert tax returns from another software into ProConnect Tax. Click on the items below to view information about what data can be converted and step-by-step instructions.

Will my data convert?

From Another ProgramWhat will ConvertOther Information

Converting data from another tax software to Proconnect Tax Online is a simple step by step process. Refer to this list of tax programs that can be transferred.

  • If your program is not listed, or it cannot be converted to one of the programs listed, then the return information will have to manually entered in the tax return.
  • To suggest a new tax software program to be added to the conversion list, please submit your feedback request here.
  • Personal Information (taxpayer, spouse, dependents, etc)
  • Names (interest, business, estate, partners, shareholders, etc)
  • Carryover Amounts; if they can be obtained
  • Depreciation
  • Data conversions are only available from the prior year into the current year.
  • PTO does not support importing of documents or returns at this time.
  • Conversion for each tax year is available at the time of the program release for that year.

Conversion is currently available to turn tax year 2019 returns from another program into tax year 2020 ProConnect Tax returns. Conversion for tax year 2020 returns will be available when 2020 ProConnect Tax is released, usually in mid-November. At that time, data conversion for tax year 2018 returns will no longer be offered.

Begin the Process

  1. Click Settings in the lower-left corner.
  2. Under Tools, select Convert Data.
  3. Click Start Conversion.
  4. If you have clients who are missing a SSN/EIN you will be prompted to enter that data. If not, continue to Step 5.
  5. Click the Download button to download the conversion tool.
  6. Copy the Installation key to the clipboard by clicking the Copy to clipboard button.
  7. Run and install the setup.exe file that was downloaded
  8. Double click on the Tax Data Conversion icon on your desktop.
  9. Sign in using your ProConnect Tax credentials.
  10. Paste the Installation key into the field.
  11. Follow the instructions in the tool to complete.
  12. When complete, return to ProConnect Tax and click Finish.

Check the Status of Conversions

  1. Click Settings in the lower-left corner.
  2. Under Tools select Convert Data.

The conversion Dashboard will display your current and previous conversions along with a status.

What to review

  1. Log in to ProConnect Tax.
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner.
  3. Under Tools, select Convert Data.
  4. Check the status column for your conversion.

Once your conversion is complete

  • Verify the converted client(s) appear in your 2020 Tax Returns list.
  • Open the returns and ensure the applicable tax data converted from your other program. Reference the What Converts? PDF for your software provider.
  • Remember that Intuit only converts data pertinent to next year's tax return. Data conversion is not designed to be a one-to-one transfer to reproduce the same tax return for the same year.

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