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Software discounts

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Software discounts

For every "accepted" solution, the person that provided a correct answer gets $19.99 off of their cost of software for the next year.  Intuit wants to show how well this place works by having "solutions" showing up across the board, so about putting some teeth the process?  This place is being used in place of support, so why not pay those folks providing support?

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Level 13

Sure, they will do that ... but then they will remove the ability to "accept" a solution.   🙂


I like that this suggestion section has the tally for all of the suggestions that are new, under review, declined, and implemented.  Now it will be much easier to see how useless making suggestions are.

Level 15

"Now it will be much easier to see how useless making suggestions are."

That's why I made useless suggestions 😆

Just another feel good moment brought to you by Intuit to let all of its users wish upon a star ---------- only to find out that star they are wishing on is Death Star.

Level 15

We only need 48 more votes.  

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Level 5

@IRonMaN @TaxGuyBill  dream big boyz- top this [hold my beer] -maybe exchange your Badges for currency? Hmmm... Badurrency? 

Level 15

I'm guessing that the  badurrency of which you speak has "In Intuit We Trust" inscribed on it somewhere?

Level 5

@IRonMaN  I was thinking electronic badcurrency.  But, I like your thinking.

Level 15

I think I like my thinking too ---------------- but let me get back to you after I think about it for awhile.

Level 8



Level 15

That is more impressive than the paper stuff that comes with a game of Monopoly.

Level 4

I would suggest that confirmed bugs get the same treatment. In the past, I have spent considerable time discovering bugs, demonstrating to the support how to reproduce it, then I do not know where the bug report ended up with, so I support the other idea to have all the known issues published.

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