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Is everyone experiencing extremely long wait to get to support line?


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Level 15
Level 15

Yes, support is time consuming and should only be used as a last resort or for account issues that can only be addressed by support...is there a form or program issue that might be able to be solved in here?

Level 15

No more-so than *normal*  But normal the last year or so is upwards of hours. 

Post your issue here; we might be able to help.

New Member

The program continues to freeze and not  functioning. I was on the call with tech support for over 8 hours (documented) in two separate occasions and the issue is still not resolved. Not sure where else to go to voice my frustration! 

Level 15

Which tax product do you use and how much RAM does your computer have?  If it's Lacerte, did you try to repair it using Lacerte Tool Hub?

Level 1

I called to resolve issues related to Form 5471. On hold for 1st person for almost an hour. She didn't know much and transferred me to second person (another 45 minutes hold) who then transferred me again for another hold of at least 40 minutes. I finally had to step out to use the restroom (after 2 hours and 40 minutes) and when I cam back the call had been hung up. This is all for a 2019 C-corp return with approx. 20 states that Lacerte charged almost 2k in REP fees for.

PS hold time on Friday was just as bad and the support staff do not seem very knowledgeable. Maybe I am spoiled about the way Lacerte used to be. It seems like cost keeps going up while service keeps going down.

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