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Electronically Filing Quarterly Estimates separate from return

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Electronically Filing Quarterly Estimates separate from return

It would be helpful if, through my locator for a client, on a quarterly basis, for Federal and California, I could effect an electronic withdrawal from their bank account for their quarterly deposit.

In 2020, I filed the 2019 Federal and California tax return where the Balances Owing, 1st Qtr and 2nd Qtr estimates were indicated on the return to be electronically done on July 15. For Federal BTW, where ProSeries still hadn't updated their system to reflect when the Federal 2nd quarter estimate was due, I overrode it by shifting the Federal 2nd quarter deposit to pay in the 1st quarter so that the system would correctly do it on 7/15.

However, as the pandemic continues where results will continue to fall for the rest of the year where I will need to estimate what should be paid for the 3rd and 4th quarter for Fed and California, as it stands, I have to coordinate the electronic payments (for California required) electronically directly through the IRS and FTB.

This is an absolute pain in the back side!


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It looks like they gave us the ability to send CA ES in on the fly throughout the year...if you use the State Estimated Electronic payments drop down box on the Fed info worksheet...(I have just always used FTB Webpay when needed, its so easy), but looks like PS does have the option now....I dont see a way to do it for Fed though.


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The above is interesting but doesn't give enough insight, to figure out how to do a quarterly estimate, outside of when I electronically file the tax return. Here it is 12/31/2020 and I have a client whos return was timely filed on 4/15 but I've determined, from 2020 results that a 4th quarter estimated tax deposit should be made for both Federal and California.

I gather, from what you are indicating that for Federal, I cannot do it through Proseries but for California, I can. I don't understand how I can establish an electronic filing now for a locater that was previously filed so that I can file a quarterly estimate.

And, yes, in the past, although I'm uncomfortable using the taxpayer's information this way, I've gone on to the tax jurisdictions site and made quarterly estimates.


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