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Setup has Detected the Need to Reboot this Computer


Setup has Detected the Need to Reboot this Computer

Why is This Happening?

Error encountered during installation:  "Setup has detected the need to reboot this computer. The system registry indicated that another installation program still has pending unresolved issues. These issues will be cleared when this computer is restarted. You will need to run this program again after the machine has been rebooted."
  • When you run a Setup program to install ANY application, Setup may try to update some files that your operating system is currently using.
    • For example, Setup may try to rename or to delete these files.
    • If Setup cannot update these files, Setup sets the PendingFileRenameOperations registry entry to a non-empty value.
    • You must manually restart your computer to update the files that your operating system was using during the installation process.
  • If you do not restart your computer, these files are not updated.
  • If you then try to install another application, Microsoft Windows Installer determines that the PendingFileRenameOperations registry entry is not empty.
  • Therefore, you receive the error message that "Setup has detected the need to reboot..."

How Do I Fix It?

  • Reboot the Computer and try again. 
  • If the error persists:
  1. Hold down Windows Key while typing the letter "R"
  2. Type REGEDIT in OPEN field
Type "regedit" in Run Box
  1. Click OK.  ( You may get a message asking “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer”.  Say YES to this message)
User Account Control
  1. Click FILE menu, then choose EXPORT
Make a Registry Backup
  1. Click DESKTOP on left side of screen, then type REGBACKUP in FILE NAME field.  Click Save
Save Backup
  1. On left side of screen expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then expand SYSTEM.
  2. Expand CONTROLSET001 (You may also have a 002 or 003.  Start with 001)
  3. Expand CONTROL
Expand Control
  1. Scroll down, find and select SESSION MANAGER folder.
  2. On right side of screen find file titled PENDING FILE RENAME OPERATION
Delete Pending File Rename
  1. Right Click on PENDING FILE RENAME OPERATION, then choose DELETE.  Click YES to confirm delete.
Confirm Delete
  1. Repeat steps 7-11 for CONTROLSET 002 & 003 if present. Note – PENDING FILE RENAME OPERATION file may or may not be present for CONTROLSET 002 & 003.If not continue to step 13.
  2. Close Registry Editor window.  Attempt to Install/Update again.

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