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The SDK doc says 'The test harness tool is packaged along with the current SDK zip file' but I have been unable to find it after installing (64 bit). 

Is the tool still distributed with the driver? Is it available as a separate download?


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Re: LacerteSDK.Test.exe

I only have up through .137, but I do not see the "LacerteSDK.Test.exe" file in anything going back to as far as .32.
  I *do* see that file in the (third?) ZIP file that I was sent while we were testing, which I labeled as "version 2.5" as an update to the second one.  In that zip, the .MSI had no versioning.
  My zip file is dated mid-December, but the files contained within are late-November.


My *GUESS* would be that by mid-January they decided to stop using that as a viewer, and did not update the manual's pages to correspond.