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Client Connection Suite Videos



Client Connection Suite:
Link & eSignature

See how modernizing tax preparation and payments saves you and your clients time.


Link & eSignature Indepth Review (15:58)

Find out how to streamline your workflow in Intuit ProConnect 
Lacerte with Link & eSignature.

Client Connection Suite Webinars



Recorded Webinar:
Client Connection Suite - Link & eSignature (1:00:02)

Kevin Reinard, product specialist, walks through Intuit collaboration tool and getting digital signatures on the 8879.


Recorded Webinar:
Accounting Today: Data Collection and Finish & File (56:59)

Steve Wheelis and Jackie Meyer present a walkthrough of Link and eSignature.

eSignature Videos



eSignature Plus Payments for Lacerte (1:42)

How to demo of using eSignature Plus Payments with your Lacerte software.




eSignature Sign-Up & Trial in Lacerte (1:13)

How to activate your trial for 5 free eSignature uses in Lacerte.




Lacerte eSignature Overview (2:17)

An overview of the eSignature dashboard, email setup, and purchasing.


Request eSignatures in Lacerte (2:54)

How to request an eSignature from your client and reviewing their electronically signed documents.


Client Review & Sign (2:21)

Reviews the tax payer's experience for providing an electronic signature for form 8879.

Link Videos



Link for Accountants (1:31)

Tax professionals (like you) love using Link to collect documents seamlessly from their customers. 



Link for Taxpayers (1:01)

Learn why your customers will love using Link to simplify giving you their tax documents and data. 



Link Taxpayer Demo (5:16)


See how your customers will experience Link.


How to setup Link with Lacerte (7:14)

How to get started with Link when using Lacerte.


How to setup Link for ProConnect Tax Online  (7:25)

How to get started with Link when using ProConnect Tax Online.