The Client Connection Suite unites eSignature and Link
to help you and your clients.


Collect client signatures

and payments quickly

Reduce document collection

and data entry time

Make your

clients happier

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Collect client eSignatures in minutes

It takes an average of 7 days for a client to sign and return the 8879 form causing delays in
your ability to eFile. eSignature can reduce it to minutes.


  • Receive signatures and payments* within the same day

  • Eliminate the time and cost associated with traditional print and mail processes

  • Give your clients the modern convenience they want
*For tax year 2016, only Lacerte has the
payment collection feature. 

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Reduce document collection and data entry time with Link

On average, tax professionals spend 65% of their time on data collection and data entry. We're working to reduce that time by half.


Link can help you: 


Quickly create and send personalized digital client checklists to clients based on the prior year tax return.

Receive documents conveniently from a client's computer or mobile device.


Know when you have all of the client documents and data you need to start the return.


Select your tax product to learn more about Link integration: 

Make your clients happier

Online portals and eSignature are the new standards in real estate, online banking, insurance and more. 
Give your clients the convenience they expect. 


  • Clients can answer questions and upload documents from any device with Link as they have time
  • Once uploaded to Link, clients no longer have to keep track of the documents and have anytime, anywhere access to the data
  • Clients eSign and pay with their credit cards from mobile devices

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    (877) 683-3280