Audit Assistance

Personalized assistance for clients in case they get audited with up to $2,500 reimbursement for liability and interest due to tax preparer error.



Evaluation and drafting of IRS correspondence as needed


Assistance with communications with the IRS during audit


Explanation of claim requirements and available options


Help with IRS forms including Schedules A, C and E


Assistance with denied credits when tax return is unfunded

Exclusions apply2

ID Theft Restoration Assistance 


24/7 access to Identity Theft Restoration Assistance Advocates


State specific ID Recovery Kit™ pre-completed & sent overnight


Notification to banks & agencies if other forms of ID were stolen


Fraud alerts on credit records


Daily credit monitoring from all three bureaus for 6 months

Benefits of using Audit Assistance and ID Theft Restoration


Support Your Clients' Financial Well-Being

 Fines, credit issues, and loss of financial assets are all real concerns. The cost of time lost in resolving the issue can be significant as well. Support your clients by offering them a simple solution to navigate the process efficiently.


Save Time

Resolving audit and identity theft issues can involve many hours on the phone and collecting documents from government and banking entities. Let the experts at Tax Protection Plus save you and your clients time and manage some of the details for you.


Confidence for You and Your Clients

 The looming concern of an audit or identity theft can be as bothersome as the event itself. Give clients the peace of mind that they will have the guidance and assistance they need in these events. And you can rest easy yourself, knowing that preparer error is reimbursed up to $2,500.

Flexible support

Flexible Support

Offload the tedious tasks, but maintain control. Tax Protection Plus will work with you and your clients as little or as much as you prefer.

Hear From Your Peers


Audit Assistance + Pay-by-Refund

Offer clients a helpful payment option
with no upfront, out-of-pocket costs.


Let your clients use their refund to cover the fee for Audit Assistance and your tax prep services.


Offer your clients an extra layer of support Audit Assistance & ID Theft Restoration to help them take the right action with personalized, expert assistance from Protection Plus.


How to Register Clients

It's simple to register your client. Select your product to see how.

  • For ProSeries

  • For Lacerte

  • For ProConnect Tax Online

    1. Check

    Check the box to select Audit Assistance & ID Theft Restoration in Part 10 in the client 1040 Worksheet. TPP's agreement is printed automatically with the client return.

    2. Collect

    Collect $44.95 TPP fee and pay TPP through credit card, ACH, or check. If using Pay-by-Refund, the membership fee will be deducted from your client’s refund. 

    3. E-File

    ProSeries automatically submits your client’s TPP membership application to TPP as soon as the return is accepted by the IRS. 

Get Training. Get Going. 



Learn how Tax Protection Plus can help you, your tax payers, and how to successfully offer Audit Assistance and ID Theft Restoration to your clients.


Help Give Your Clients
Peace of Mind This Tax Season

Free for you and just $44.95 for your clients.

Important offers, pricing details, & disclaimers
  1. Audit Assistance membership may be cancelled for any reason provided that Tax Protection Plus is notified in writing at Tax Protection Plus, PO Box 24279, Winston Salem, NC 27114 or by phone (866-942-8348), within the first 30 days of tax payer’s membership. Exclusions apply.

  2. EXCLUSIONS: Not included or covered with Audit Assistance and Tax Reimbursement services are Non-resident federal returns; returns other than individual 1040, including corporate, partnership, trust, estate, gift, and employment returns; Returns in which the tax payer or preparer had knowledge of additional taxes owed as of the date of enrollment in the Audit Assistance program; Returns prepared with gross negligence, recklessness, intentional misrepresentation or fraud; Local returns; Returns that have become subject to IRS criminal investigations; IRS inquiries related to returns that address foreign income, flow-through entities (partnership and s-corporates as reported on Schedule K), court awards and damages, bartering income, cancelled debt, estate, and gift tax; Foreign tax credit, plug-in electric vehicle credit, residential energy efficient property credit, mortgage interest credit, credit to holders of tax credit bonds, health coverage tax credit, “Credit” for prior year minimum tax or excess Social Security tax or railroad retirement tax withheld; IRS inquiries and audits related to the Affordable Care Act. Tax reimbursement not available if Taxpayer or preparer provided incomplete, incorrect, or misleading information, or recklessly failed to include W-2, 1099, or any other taxable income on the return, or inability to provide sufficient records to support any item on the return. Tax debt audit assistance requires that Taxpayer meet all IRS guidelines for approval and pay all associated governmental fees. To be eligible to receive any incentive compensation under this Program, the IRS requires Intuit to prepare a 1099.  You will need to provide Intuit certain information, including:  a) Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number, and b). Firm name, primary contact, address, phone number, and email address.   Failure to provide any of this information may result in your incentive payment being withheld, delayed or cancelled.

  3. Using Pay-by-Refund to pay for Tax Protection Plus' membership fee is not available in Lacerte or ProConnect Tax Online. Clients that use Pay-by-Refund and enroll in Protection Plus must pay for their TPP membership fees at the time of tax preparation.