Want to switch tax software? Explore Intuit Accountants extremely easy and effective tax filing software.

As a seasoned tax preparer, you know that time is money, which may be one of the reasons you plan to switch tax software. With an extensive suite of tax preparation products, Intuit Accountants offers a range of time-saving features that free you up to concentrate on your business.


Consider the many ways below why Intuit Accountants is a superior choice for your business.


No risk or obligation

Sign up for the Intuit Tax Online software free of charge. You pay only when you print or e-file. If your business serves more complex tax needs and you sign up for Intuit ProConnect ProSeries or Intuit ProConnect Lacerte, there are no hidden fees. All-inclusive packages are available, and you know exactly what you're getting from the start.


Effortless data conversion process

The sooner you convert data and get back to business, the better. Free of charge, Intuit Accountants assists you with switching your data using our comprehensive and highly rated data conversion process. You can import client W-2 information quickly and accurately. The competitor forms we convert include 1040, 1065, 1120 and 1120S.


Easy to use

Intuit Accountants professional tax software quickly and easily teaches you everything you need to know to provide your clients with speedy and thorough tax preparation and filing assistance. E-filing is automatically set up for federal and state returns, and you can check filing status quickly and easily. Even better, e-filing is free with ProSeries, and you can e-file late individual returns at any time of year.



Intuit Accountants has everything you need to service even the most complex client cases. ProSeries includes 3,200 forms and schedules, while Lacerte features more than 5,700 forms, including the most complicated tax forms. All of the programs include advanced calculations for items such as SEP/Keogh/SIMPLE contributions, household employment taxes and vacation homes.


Intuit's program also includes more than 1,000 error-checking diagnostics and calculations that pinpoint errors, such as omissions, so you can easily file even the most complicated of returns. In addition, you'll receive tips regarding not-to-be-missed deductions for your clients.



The intent of Intuit Accountants is to help you run your business more smoothly. For that reason, you can use the cloud-based system anytime, anywhere. You'll find a variety of convenience features, like the fact that Intuit uses DocuSign for electronic signatures, making it unnecessary to get a signed Form 8879 from your clients in order to e-file their returns. The software also enables you to generate professional-looking invoices for your clients. With ProSeries, you can also work on-the-go with mobile access to your client data.


Superior customer support

In addition to online videos, written materials and an always-helpful online community, you'll be able to access free technical support based in the U.S. And don't worry, the support offers extended hours during peak tax season for those extra-long workdays.


Now that you know what makes Intuit Accountants tax software the superior choice, you can make the switch with confidence.