Intuit Accountants just released the first-annual 2022 Taxpayer Insights & Intelligence Brief. 
Intuit Tax Advisor is finally here. Start generating automatic tax strategies for individual clients. 

Professional tax solutions that help me delight my clients and grow my practice

Your tax software needs to connect your work together, and more importantly, connect you with your clients. From features that power up your productivity, to a full, integrated platform of tools that help you make a positive difference—Intuit professional tax solutions have you covered.

I know I can count on end-to-end tax solutions so my clients can always count on me
Get any document signed securely from any online device with eSignature

Get any document signed securely from any online device, all done with quick clicks inside your tax software.

Intuit Tax Advisor
Generate automatic tax strategies in minutes for your individual clients with data mined from your Lacerte or ProConnect Tax software.

Client services
Provide audit protection, refund transfers, and more to deliver an exceptional experience for your clients.

QuickBooks + ProConnect Tax
Advise bookkeeping clients with QuickBooks Online Accountant then seamlessly bring their information into ProConnect Tax.


It all starts with the right professional tax software

Introducing Intuit Tax Advisor

Tax prep + advisory tools, together at last

Go further along the path to advisory with this easy-to-use, proactive tax-planning tool. Save significant time building custom tax-savings plans for your clients. Provide clients with easy-to-read, customized reports created with data automatically mined from your Lacerte or ProConnect software.

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Intuit Tax Advisor is a game changer and a time saver. We can charge more and not deal with spreadsheets to do all the calculations. This is the next level of what tax accountants need to be doing.

Ken Rogers, CEO My Fiscal Office

Ken Rogers, CEO of My Fiscal Office

Harness the power of the cloud

Prepare returns quickly and confidently, from anywhere

From simple returns to the most complex, our tax solutions are designed to power your productivity and save you time. You can work together with your staff on any return, using the same data at the same time – whether you’re in the same office or not. Plus, get built-in layers of security, automatic backups, and seamless updates.

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Rhode Island firm makes a seamless transition to the cloud

Diego was looking for a dependable, worry-free, cloud hosting solution that would enable him to expand his business nationally while being there for his current clients anytime—all with the uptime and security he relies on.

Now, he’s able to use his Lacerte Tax software to better connect with clients when they need him, even working through New England winter storms, the pandemic, and from out-of-state. On top of that, he loves the automated updates, flexibility, and reduced IT costs that come with the cloud.

Simplify signatures

Get any document signed securely from any online device

Manage all signatures digitally on any form or document, and track client response with real-time status updates on the virtual signature dashboard in your tax software.

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When we were researching Intuit ProConnect Tax, we learned that there was a seamless eSignature integration within the program—and knew we needed to make the change.

Leppert Group LLC

offer an exceptional experience

Deliver personalized client services at all touch points

Each client has different needs. Be ready to have their side to handle situations when they receive notices from the IRS or state agencies, get audited, or become the victims of identity theft. Plus, you’ll be able to offer them payment methods that work best for them and your practice.

Learn more about Protection Plus Learn more about Pay-by-Refund

Did you know? In a taxpayer survey:

86% prefer
to work with a tax professional that has the best tools and expertise in tax advice.*

79% are willing
to pay more for a tax professional's service if it will result in improved financial outcomes (e.g., reducing tax liability, money savings, etc.).*

66% want more
financial and tax advice from their tax professional/advisor.*

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*Based on a taxpayer survey among those who pay a tax professional. Conducted by Radius Research in August 2020.